Current projects

The research work studying our archaeological heritage is ongoing. Here is some information on the different archaeological projects currently under way in Minorca.

Archaeological excavation at the external courtyard of Circle 6 at Torre d’en Galmés and at the southeastern stretch of the settlement’s outer wall. The project has been run by Amics del Museu de Menorca Association (Friends of the Minorcan Museum) since 1997. Excavation and archaeological course for university students and for those who are interested in the topic, as well as course on laboratory tasks.
This intervention is in line with the project Entre Islas. Insularity, interaction with the exterior and social complexity: Bronze Age coastal settlements in the Balearic Islands, promoted by the Association of Friends of the History Museum of Manacor, the District Council of Porto Cristo and Ciutadella City Council.
This research project has the main aim of contributing to the knowledge about a set of social and funerary practices which were specific to the island of Minorca.
Systematic study of construction processes in talayotic architecture
Museum of Minorca - Friends of the Museum of Minorca.
Consell Insular de Menorca Govern Illes Balears
MINORCA TALAYOTIC - World Heritage Nomination
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