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The monuments in the nomination

The characteristics of the monuments of Talayotic Minorca are their great authenticity and exceptional value: the construction technique s used, their good state of preservation, their integrity and monumentality, and the large numbers still extant – in an area of only 700 km2 there are more than 1,500 sites, two per km2. A selection has been made that encapsulates the island’s prehistory, using chronology, type, functionality and significance in the island context.



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This exhibition is a sample of the most interesting archaeological materials that have provided preventative excavations during the last two decades. The visitor will also be able to know some of the new data about our past that has been collected through these performances.
A year ago, the Menorca Radio Amateur Group, with the support of the Insular Council of Menorca, started a campaign to promote and disseminate Talayotic Menorca through the establishment of radio contacts from thirty-two Talayotic sites in Menorca.
The Talayotic Minorca nomination process to become a Word Heritage site goes on. The insular council (Consell Insular) continues organising activities to raise awareness among Minorcans about the importance of our archaeological heritage.
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MINORCA TALAYOTIC - World Heritage Nomination
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