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Menorca covers just over 700 km2 and has 1,586 archaeological sites. Not all of these can be easily accessed, which is why a selection has been made that best represents and summarises the island’s prehistory, and are accessible to anyone interested in discovering the Talayotic world of Menorca.

 Cova des Coloms caveThe Cova des Coloms cave is one of the most frequently visited sites by both local and visiting hikers, due both to the beauty of the natural environment of the Binigaus ravine in ...Naveta des TudonsThe Naveta des Tudons is certainly one of the most emblematic and visited Talayotic monuments in Menorca, thanks to its excellent state of conservation and because navetas are a ty...The Navetes of Rafal RubíThe Rafal Rubí archaeological site is made up of two funerary navetas dating from between the Middle and Late Bronze Ages, although other materials have been found on site t...Necropolis of Cala MorellIn Cala Morell, a residential area on the northern coast of Ciutadella, we find one of the most spectacular necropolises on the island, made up of a series of fourteen artificial c...Necropolis of CalescovesFrom prehistoric until Roman times, Calescoves attracted the attention of the different Menorcan settlers. It was occupied for many centuries and is therefore a highly significant ...Coastal Settlement of Coll de Cala MorellCala Morell, a residential area on Ciutadella’s northern coast, is home to one of the island’s most spectacular archaeological sites. It includes a large necropolis, wi...Talayotic settlement of Cornia NouThe Talayotic settlement of Cornia Nou is one of the most impressive of its kind in Menorca, with excavations performed on the western talayot and the southern building revealing i...Sa Torreta de Tramuntana talayotic settlementSa Torreta de Tramuntana is a benchmark Talayotic settlement in the north of the island. Situated in a high-spot, it dominates much of the coast and the surrounding valleys. The or...Talayotic settlement of So na CaçanaThe So Na Caçana site is considered to be a group of sanctuaries, as it includes more than one taula enclosure and two rather unorthodox talayots, which could mean that it w...Talayotic settlement of Son CatlarSon Catlar is one of the largest Talayotic settlements in the Balearic Islands and the only one whose outer wall around most of the settlement remains intact. Although the settleme...Talayotic Settlement of Talatí The archaeological area of Talatí de Dalt is one of the island’s most emblematic, thanks in part to its excellent state of conservation and its peculiar taula. It is c...Talayotic settlement of Torralba d'en SalortThis is one of the largest and most spectacular prehistoric settlements in Menorca. It reached its peak during the time of Carthaginian commercial growth but remained in use until ...Talayotic settlement of Torre d’en GalmésThe Talayotic settlement of Torre d’en Galmés, which covers 4.5 hectares, is one of the largest in Menorca and all of the Balearic Islands. It is located atop an appro...Talayotic Settlement of Trepucó Trepucó is one of the largest Talayotic settlements in Menorca, covering over 4 hectares, which were originally fortified. Only a small portion of the settlement remains at ... 
Current excavation projects
The research work studying our archaeological heritage is ongoing.
Here is some information on the different archaeological projects currently under way in Minorca.

Current projects
Related activities
You will witness what daily life was like in this Talayotic settlement and how the Balearic slingers were forged.
You will witness what daily life was like in this Talayotic settlement and how the Balearic slingers were forged.
SOM TALAIÒTICS? 6th Edition 2021. Excursion program in collaboration with GOB Menorca.
Recent news
The Boston University research team presents "Evidence for fire use - or not - at the Talayotic site of Torre d'en Galmés" at the European Association of Archeology Annual Meeting.
This month we interviewed Bernat Pons, the owner of Talatí de Dalt, one of the most emblematic Talayotic sites in Menorca. 
The archaeologists Amalia Pérez-Juez and Bruno Parés showcased part of the recovered material, aerial photographs, and a 3D reconstruction of a portion of the site. The campaign produced interesting results concerning the Andalusian occupation of this Talayotic site.
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